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Perfect Piece – Slim Women

2 Oct

Everyone women needs a great sweater that can go with mostly everything. The sweater above is available at Forever 21 for $22.80. This perfect piece can be worn for work, clubbing, and weekends.


Norma Kamali Pencil Skirt $99
Steve Madden Purple Pumps $119.95



Earnest Sewn Skinny Jeans $107.00
Kenneth Cole Wedges $194



Diesel Cropped Jeans $84.99
Delma Mona Flats $195


What’s In For Slim Women

31 May


I’ve been seeing the “demin jumpsuit” look all over the place, there have been a lot of Celebs seen sporting look.

Sweetheart Jumper Shorts in Light Weight Mercer
Cover alls

1. Sweetheart Jumper Shorts $185

2. Joe’s Jeans Denim Overalls $165

3. Deep V Halter Donna Karen$79

4. House of Dereon $49.99

Truly Curvaceous 🙂

What’s In For Slim Women

22 May

The “baby doll look” is definitely in for the Summer! There has been plenty of Celebes seen wearing it. This look is similar to a dress that your mother would have put you in when you were 7 years old. These dresses are usually a couple inches above the knees, show off a lot of legs, and usually flare out at the hem. If your still a little confused about the “baby doll look” these dresses or tops sometimes make women appear pregnant.

* I think this look can definitely be worn by a curvy chick! The only thing is that I wouldn’t recommend wearing by itself. You can pull it off with a pair of tights, jeans, skirt, or cropped pants. If you think you can do it without all the power to you!!!

Truly Curvaceous


16 May

Skinny girl no no

I think that some “skinny” women think because they are thin they can wear anything. And that’s a big misconception! The picture above are examples of skinny chicks thinking they can wear anything.

1. If your going to wear a shirt that goes above your belly button. Then you SHOULDN’T wear a belt with it. On top of that her belt is way too big and classy for this look !!! The right way to wear a belt like this sould be worn is with a button-up shirt that goes pass the hips.

2. I really HATE to see chicks wearing bracelets that match their outfits. The point is to off-set your outfit. For example if your wearing a purple top and you SHOULD wear pink or an orange bracelets. Depending if you want to brighten up your look or tone it down.

3. The girl on the right is wearing STOCKINGS with shorts under…which means that she knows she SHOULDN’T be wearing stockings with out something over it. When your buying stockings or tights it says it on the outside of the package. Stockings are see-through and are suppose to be worn under a skirt or dress. And can be worn shorts or skirt. Tights are suppose to be worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt. Even if you are wearing tights which are thicker you still SHOULDN’T wear something covering your bottom.

4. Obviously this chick knows that her white top shouldn’t be worn outside. But still decides to wear a top that is too small with a homemade denim corset under. I feel like the idea was doomed before she left the house.

Slimmer women are allowed to show more skin and get away with a little be more in my opinion. But when it’s done wrong whether is be a slim women or plus size they should be called out.

Truly Curvaceous 😉

Just For The Skinny Women

9 May

Mini skirts and shorts are definitely in the Summer. A plus about being a slim chick is being about to show off those legs. *If you are a curvy girl you can definitely wear shorts; we just have to put more effect into it.The Celebes above know exactly how to show off their legs. Below are some ideas how to wear mini skirts and short shorts.

Forever 21
Denim skirtMini CargoTailored ShortsDenim Overall Shorts

Victoria’s Secret
V.S TopV.S Top 2V.S Top 3V.S Top 4


Steve Madden HeelsSteve Madden Flats

Truly Curvaceous 🙂