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Chanel Resort 2008

26 May


Chanel Resort fashion show took place in Miami on May 15, 2008.  This years resort collection inspiration seemed to be the 70’s. Full legged, light-wash jeans, tie dye tees, and headbands. There were several beaded dresses with clear or smoky plastic insets. I really like the off-white tailored inspired mens suit and the rose printed dresses. In my opinion this collection was okay. 

RATING OF SHOW: 7 out 10


Alexis Debut at Fashion Week

12 Sep
    Ghita 1Ghita 2Ghita 3Ghita 4

On September 11, 2007, Kanye West fiance Alexis Phifer debuted her NEW line under the Bryant Park tent. Phifer’s line is called “Ghita”. During an interview with Fox 5 News. She said Kanye is a big influnces in her creations and visa versa. She said that they basically feed ideas off of each other.

Phifer’s inspiration was all 80’s with a modern twist. Her basic color palette was neon green and pinks were the accent colors. Her fabric content was mainly plastic. Ghita is sold at Intermix, Henry Bendel, and coming soon to Saks .

The minute I find some more pictures of her collection I will post it.

What do you think of Alexis as a designer???

Zac Posen Spring 2008 Collection

12 Sep

Zac Posen Spring Collection

Zac Posen Spring 2008 Collection

Zac Posen Spring collection took place on September 11, 2007 in NYC. Posen collection is, “Days of Heaven, the shakers the wheat fields of the Great Plains.” This was the opposite of what Zac usually does. The collection started out with a long vest with skinny pants. As the collection processed the hues stayed monotone with whites and khakis; the silhouettes were simple. Then there was a burst of colors yellow, blue, and red. Toward the end of the collection Zac added these big, beautiful dresses with a unique florescent print. The dresses had a ton of details with beautiful stitch work especially the ones with the huge puffed sleeve.

I really enjoyed looking at Zac’s collection, he was definitely showing off his creativity in every way possible. It’s always nice to look through the designers eyes and feel what they feel.

What do you think of Zac’s Spring 2008 Collection???


Monique Lhuiller Spring 2008 Collection

12 Sep

ML Spring 2008

Monique Lhuillier

Monique show took place on September 11, 2007 in NYC. Monique said, “I wanted to embrace femininity.” And that’s exactly what she did. The fabric used was silk, chiffon, and organza. The popular hues were champagne, black, and silver with a hint of polka dot prints.

Lhuiller collection had lots of gathers and ruffles with lovely draping techniques. In my opinion her collection was extremely strong, there was so many beautiful pieces. I love the limitation of color while the details improved with each garment. She is definitely at her prime and giving other designers a run for their money.

What do you think about Monique’s Spring 2008 collection???


Narciso Rodriguez Spring Collection ’08

10 Sep

NR Spring ‘08

Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2008 Collection

Narciso Rodriguez show took place in NYC on September 9,2007. Rodriguez said his theme was described as “ninja” His collection was simple with technical details throughout. The popular hues were white, black, and purple. The fabric selection was chiffon and cotton.

In my opinion Rodriguez collection was strong. I enjoyed that flow of the collection and it was pleasing to the eyes.

What do you think of Narciso Rodriguez Spring collection???


Micheal Kors Spring 2008 Collection

10 Sep

MK Collection ‘08

Micheal Kors Spring 2008 Collection

Micheal Kors show took place September 9,2007 in NYC. “We were looking at some fabulous advertising from the late seventies and early eighties for Virginia Slims and Charlie,” said Michael Kors before his show.

Kors collection had every piece that a woman would desire while on vacation. Something to wear while playing tennis, relaxing on the beach, dinner, and a party. He included wonderfully draped of the shoulder dresses with flirty prints. His collection was vacation meets military. There were a sprinkle of military jackets with gold teeny belts.

The popular hues were neutrals, pale pink, purple, orange, and yellow. The popular fabrics were silks, chiffon, and shinny cottons. The accessories were huge bags, aviators, and visors. In my opinion Micheal Kors collection was strong and had some stand out pieces.

What do you think about Micheal Kors Collection???


DKNY Spring 2008 Collection

10 Sep

DKNY Spring Collection

DKNY Spring Collection 2008

Donna Karen collection took place on September 9,2007 in NYC. Karen said,”It’s about the modernity of New York essentially connecting runaway to sidewalk.” The popular color palette was fushia, black, white, orange, and grey. I simply adore Karen’s choice of accessories the big Jodie Foster buckets, clutch bags and platform t-strap shoes.

In my opinion Karen’s collection was extremely strong. She is excellent at knowing her customer and pleasing them to the fullest extent.

What do you think about Karen’s collection???


Tracy Reese Spring 2008 Collection

9 Sep

Tracy Resse Spring 08

Tracy Reese Spring 2008 Collection

Tracy Reese Spring collection took place on September 7, 2007. Her collection started out strong with huge hats, clutch bags, slouchy pants, and feminine silhouettes. Reese collection began with white and black and white pieces. Midway in she added some bold colors fuschia, pink, purple, and gold. She also had sequins dresses and tops.

In my opinion her collection was okay, I’ve seen better pieces from her but it was good overall.

What do you think of Tracy’s Spring Collection???


Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Collection

9 Sep

Chanel Iman RL. 08

Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Collection

Ralph Lauren collection took place on September 8,2007 under the Bryant Park tent. Ralph was celebrating his 40th Anniversary in the fashion industry. Lauren said, “I drew upon everything I ever loved, and that was it.”.

There were 2 major themes equestrian and western elegance. It felt like Charlie Chapman meets My Fair Lady. There were beautiful big church hats, top hats, adorable bags, big ruffled sleeves, pleats, and classy black silk gloves.

The collection began with black & white it was used in every way possible. Stripes, prints, floral, and polka dots. Toward the end of the collection there was a huge blast of color royal blue, green purple, and yellow. The popular fabrics were silk, cotton, chiffon, and organza.

In my opinion, Ralph Lauren is definitely at the top of his game! All I can say is WOW, WOW WOW!!! I love this collection from beginning to end I have nothing negative to say about it. This is so inspiring for me. The collection flowed beautifully and when you thought it couldn’t get better BOOM he hits you with color. And when the color slowly goes away he comes back with beautifully draped a silver and white dress that was breathe taking. I applaud Mr. Ralph Lauren on the best runway show thus far.

What do you think of Ralph Lauren Spring collection???


Catherine Malandrino Spring 2008 Collection

9 Sep

Catherine Spring 2008

Catherine Malandrino Spring 2008 Collection

Catherine Malandrino runway show to place in NYC at La Colombre d’ Or which is one of Malandrino’s favorite hotels. She used a wonderful arrangement of organza was geometrically pleated or cut into trapunto scallops. Beading came in hefty grape clusters on necklines and sleeves. The popular fabric choice was cotton, silk, and organza. She had high-waisted skirts, puffed sleeves, and bubble hems. The draping was done beautifully on every garment that involved it. Malandrino used bright boastful colors for her evening gowns; teal, pink, and orange. It seems like a lot of designers are including their art desires through their clothing. Catherine had some pieces that seemed to be pulled directly from a painting.

In my opinion it was an extremely strong collection. Her collection was awesome the creativity was spilling off the runways. I absolutely adored the geometric shapes used in the fabric which is extremely difficult to accomplish. The colors just jumped of the runway. The painting like pieces were a little too much for me.

What do you think of Catherine Malandrino Spring Collection???