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Chole Marshell First Curvy Beauty Queen

24 Mar



A beautician trainee has become the first curvy girl candidate to reach the finals for the Miss Englandcompetition.  The 17 year old (size 16) from Guildford has stated “Everybody thinks you have to be a tall, slim blonde and I’m a curvy brunette,” she said. “I want to show it is possible to be beautiful and not a standard size zero. The reaction I’ve had is great. Other girls have told me I have really boosted their confidence, which is terrific,” said Chloe, who is the average size for a British woman.    

This is a great start for curvy women all over the world. What I love so much about England is that they are always trendsetters!!!  England has also the first ban models that were too young and too skinny. I would love it if American joins the band wagon. This statement tells young girls out there that they don’t have to be a size 2 to be beautiful. As women we come in all different shapes and sizes. And the size of a women should have nothing to do with her intelligence. 

Do you think Miss American should allow plus size women??? 


Ms. Christiana Aguilera Bares It All

29 Nov


(Pic Source


I wasn’t sure if I should post this or not. But I love the fact that Christiana is baring all for Marie Claire.  Snippet of Christian’s interview with Marie ClaireOn being pregnant during her ‘Back to Basics’ tour: “I was paranoid. There are so many things that could go wrong – somebody could slip, somebody could fall, I could fall. There was no way in hell I was going to jeopardize my baby for my show.” So she wore a well-concealed heart monitor. She didn’t want to broadcast the news. “I didn’t want to make the audience uncomfortable, like, ‘Pregnant lady onstage! Is she going to be OK?’ But I had to announce it to my band and my dancers, because I wanted to make sure they had my back.”


On her simple decision not to announce anything: “Because I hadn’t said anything, people thought I was trying to keep it this big, bad secret, and that’s not the case at all. I just wasn’t commenting. I’m not being like, ‘Hey, everybody, I’m pregnant!’ I’m not that girl. “What do you think about Christiana posing naked???  ~TC 


20 Sep


I never thought that I would ever have this many views so fast. The Trendsetter was just an idea that blossomed into this really great site. I put so much effort into this site and I ecstatic about the outcome. Please continue to to visit The Trendsetter and I promise that I will put my best foot forward.


Sincerely TC


12 Jul

    Moniques fat chance

    The third season of Oxygen’s plus-size reality competition Monique’s F.A.T. Chance starts with one hour casting special on July 21st @ 10PM.

      Background Information about F.A.T Chance

    She’s conquered the US, spreading the Fat Chance word for the past 2 years and changing the way America defines beauty. Now it’s time to go even bigger! Mo’Nique and 5 big girl hopefuls venture to the thin capital of the world, the international Mecca of style, and the birthplace of fashion: Paris, France! Here the ladies will go through a boot camp that culminates in an exclusive high fashion runway show that will be attended by the Paris fashion establishment, including designers, models and the press. The winner will be crowned “Ms. F.A.T.”

    I’ve watched the show and I can’t wait to see this season. Will you be watching??? What do you think of Mo’Nique’s risque photos???

    Truly Curvaceous


9 Jul


Ok, I know I shouldn’t have been watching “Flavor Of Love Charm School” but I just couldn’t help it. Honestly, I’m a reality show junkie!. Monique was the host of the show and she represent women that way we should be. Sunday @ 10pm “The Reunion Show” aired on VH1 and ofcourse I had to watch it. Some of the women on the show learned from their mistakes and carried themselves like women should . But there was one particular woman who seem to not have learned her lesson. Every time I see her on t.v she making a fool out of herself!

At one point Monique had to get up in her face and let her know that a woman doesn’t carry herself like that. To add to the drama her mother came on stage and got in Monique’s face. The end of the segment Monique had put both mother and daughter in their places. Letting them know that cursing and acting out is not the way you should be seen on t.v. and as a woman in general. She let the mother know that we need to teach our children better than that.

I love Monique because she has so many qualities of a strong black women in today’s society. And it never hurts that she’s apart of the Curvy Girl Club. I just wanted to state how much I love her for her being her and helping other’s learn how to be good women. Monique is an excellent role model for little girls and women out there. If you didn’t get to see the show it will be on VH1 a million more times.

Truly Curvaceous


6 Jul
            Nikki Blonsky

Nikki Blonsky is definaetly a curvy chick to watch out for! Nikki is starring in the remake of “Hairspray”. She’s playing curvy gal heroine Tracy Turnblad if you recall Ricky Lake played the same role. I just love that she’s a curvy chick strutting herself for all to see. Click HERE for some more information.

Truly Curvaceous


19 May

On Friday night I was flipping though the channels and came around something very interesting on 20/20. The topic was “Taboo: What We Can’t Get Away With In America.” There was different subjects such as using the N-word, gay actors not getting roles, a stay at home dad, and a mom saying staying being a stay at home mom is boring.

What really stood out to me was a curvy women married to a slim man. I know you’re thinking what’s the big deal! She feels that their relationship was taboo in American society. Sharon and John Klose, said that they routinely receive looks and stares in the course of daily activities. Sharon said these looks are based on her 282 lb. compared to her husband’s slim frame. “I think if I were thin woman with him, no one would look twice at us” she said.

Picture of Sharon & John
Sharon & John

The first thing that comes to mind is that most “slim” women stare because their asking themselves,”How did she get with him?” Especially if he’s a good looking man, someone that she could of snatched! If he’s an unattractive man they won’t care because that’s one less ugly guy they have to deal with. I can’t recall how many times people told me,”Your so pretty but if you lost weight you would be so much prettier.” In our society SKINNY = PRETTY and if you happen to be curvy and pretty you would look 100% better if you were to lose some weight. I think the same thing goes for an okay women dating a handsome man. It just doesn’t mix in their opinion. A plus size woman should be with a plus size man.

There are a lot of men that prefer curvier women. They aren’t considered normal, these men have names like “CHUBBY CHASER”. Which kinds of piss me off but whatever. When I was watching 20/20 they showed an event where “normal” men can meet plus size women. How come there aren’t men called “SKINNY CHASERS” ??? Men that go to events just to find slim women. But they won’t because they can find a slim women on the street, in the park, movies, etc. We just hide in the house because we don’t want anyone to see us. That’s exactly how society makes curvy women seem. We can’t be happy with our size and we defiantly can’t be in a healthy, happy relationship with someone that loves us for us.

Maybe I’m over reacting about this topic but let me know what you think about it!

Truly Curvaceous 🙂


12 May

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s that are stay-at-home-moms. The mother’s that go to work, school, and come home and cook dinner. You help with homework and give the kids a bath. You only have 5 hours to go to sleep and do the same thing all over again. To all the mother’s that change diapers, wipe noses, play dates, and everyone knows you by first name at the playground. To all the fathers that are mothers too, you comb the hair, wash the clothes and your the only Mommy. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

Being a parent is not an easy job. But there are perks about it, you get to see your child or children grow into adults and you know that you had your hand in all of it. Take this day to relax and do nothing. But if your the kind of parent that I am…you’ll find something that needs to be done. Today is your day!!!


Truly Curvaceous 🙂

Beyonce’s New Adventure

12 May

Courtesy of People

Ms. Beyonce Knowles will be the new face of Giorgio Armani fragrance that is entitled “Emperio Armani Diamonds”. The songstress/actress will be the next face and voice for the women’s fragrance and she will also be in their prints and advertisement. Personally I really loved True Star and I hope that this will smell just as good. I wish her nothing but luck in her new endeavors.

Truly Curvaceous 😉