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Color Watch: Electric Blue

1 Feb


I spy with my little eye a NEW TREND. I have a love hate relationship with this hue.  I love it because it’s a bright beautiful color that looks great on all skin tones. But I really don’t like it because it reminds me of the bad part of the 80’s. I usually like what Heidi is wearing but this outfit is a hot mess!!! I also think this color looks great on curvy chicks. Click HERE to get a glimpse. 


If, the answer is yes below are some great options for everyone.

 nicole-miller-strapless-dress.jpeg   sunner-sequin-blouse.jpeg    shelly-steffee-tunici.jpg

Nicole Miller Strapless Dress$290 

Sunner  Top $230

Shelly Steffe Tunic $144 


 colorblock-babydoll-top.jpeg  textured-sleeve-jacket.jpegcable-knit-sweater.jpeg      surplice-knit-dress.jpeg

Lane Bryant babydoll top $44.50 

Lane Bryant Textured Jacket $69.50 

Cable Knit Sweater $44.50 

Surplice Knit Dress $59.50 



 Steve Madden Leather Boots $129

Steve Madden Bag $150 


New Trend—Fine Prints

15 Oct

New Trend: Silver Sequined Dress

25 Sep


Debra Messing, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Alba all are shown above rocking sequined dresses. Do you think this is a TREND???
Will you be wearing this trend???


TREND WATCH — The Fedora

3 Sep



I personally love this TREND. It can be worn with so many different looks and it looks great on any women. You can definitely add some attitude and personal style to your wardrobe with a Fedora. If you don’t want to go out and buy one, I recommend going through your man’s or father’s closet.

Do you think this could be a NEW trend???


NEW TREND — The Wrinkle Look

2 Sep


I spy with my fashion eye a NEW trend… the wrinkle look. I don’t know if this is a real trend or the wrinkle look is from sitting to long or no iron handy. It’s definitely a look that is going around. Do you think this is a trend???


NEW TREND — Graphic Dress

23 Aug


Ummm… Could this possibly be a NEW trend???

New Trend — White Dress w/ Black Bows

24 Jul


Vanessa Minnilio, Claire Danes, and Jessica Biel are all in white dresses with black bows. This is a trend that you don’t have to typically go out and buy. If you already have a white dress all you have to do is go to a fabric or a supply store and purchase a black ribbon.

Do you think this is a new TREND or a FAD???

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