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Just Kicking It: Isaac Mizrahi Loafers

31 Jul

I’ve purchased a couple a pair of sandals this Summer….. but I’m so excited about my NEW purchase from my favorite place in the whole wide world TARGET. I fell in love with these shoes the minute I saw them and when I tried them I knew they loved me in return. These Isaac Mizrahi loafers are soooo comfortable and warm for the cold weather. They were only $39.99 and they are available in black which I may consider getting.  I can’t wait for the fall to wear them. 

Just Kicking It – Red Patent Leather Ankle Boots

2 Dec


I love ankle boots they are so comfortable and they can be transitioned with many different outfits. I saw these boots while I was doing some Internet shopping and I feel in love with them. I went to the store and when my husband said they were cute ( he never thinks my pick in shoes are desirable). When I tired them on they were pretty comfortable and I would be crazy not to get them.  I can’t wait to really wear them to see how they really feel.  

What do you think ???    

Just Kicking It

28 Oct

I decided that it’s time to add a new section to THE TRENDSETTER. “Just Kicking It” will feature NEW shoes that I’ve recently purchased. I adore shoes and clothes. I’m a little psycho about them if you asked my husband.

I usually try them on in the store and walk around them for a while. But my real test is wear them to Target or one of my favorite stores. If my feet still feel pretty good after that then the shoes are good! I definitely do have shoes that are just meant to wear to the car, dinner, and back home.

Shoes and clothes are orgasmic. I sometimes get a little jealous of my fellow bloggers that are able to go to vintage stores and buy items for a $1. I haven’t heard or seen a plus size vintage stores. Ok, I’m going to stop rambling below are three pairs of shoes that I recently added to my catalog. I’m always open for comments.

Do you love ’em or hate ’em???

3″ Patent leather Mary Janes $19.99
Mossimo Red Patent Leather Peep Toe $34.99
Leather Bootie $39.99