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29 Mar

Hello World, I’m Truly Curvaceous, 26 years old from Da’ Bronx. I recently recieved my AOS in Fashion Design. I currently write for StudioCouture. Fashion is my world; I live, eat and breathe it! This blog will include all the new trends in fashion. Here is will you can come to find out what to wear or what not to wear. What colors are in for the upcoming seasons? Where you should wear that cute top? What shoes go with that dress? Is that the right necklace?

There will be special posts featuring Dope, which will include what’s new in Hip Hop. There will also be a segment where you can ask any question about fashion. Trendsetter will include features on what’s in for men’s fashion.

I hope to bring you everything that will help you look and feel better as a women.

Truly Curvaceous


29 Mar