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FASHION VIDEO- Undergarment for Plus Size

3 Mar

Bringing ’07 Trends Into ’08

27 Jan

This a great video showing us what trends for ’07 that you can bring into your ’08 wardrobe.


 Skinny Jeans

 radcliffe-denim-skinny-jeans.jpg                                  dereon-skinny-leg-jeans.jpeg

Radcliffe Denim Skinny Jeans $55 

House of Dereon Skinny leg Jeans (Plus Size) $90 


 giles-brother-braclete.jpglee-angle-jewlry-bracelet.jpgmarc-by-marc-jacobs.jpg    rachel-leigh-chain-charm-necklace.jpg

Giles & Brother Bracelet $100 

Lee Angle Jewelry $ 149

Marc by Marc Jacobs Necklace $118 

Rachel Leigh Chain Charm Necklace $178 



Belle by Segerson Morrison Flats $270 

Tory Burch Leather Flats$195 

 What trends will you be bringing into ’08???

Black & White All Over

14 Dec

I love this trend and I personally think it will be around for a while. White and black are already classic colors by themselves so together it’s a great mix. And you know I love trends that fit all women.


Plus Size Models’ Getting Noticed

28 Oct



White Dresses Are Definitely In

27 Oct

New Trend—Fine Prints

15 Oct


22 Sep

Fall will officially begin on Sunday, September 23. I will be doing a follow up post on Fall jackets so keep your eyes open. But for now here are some adorable jackets.


Curvy Girl — Clothes Just For Curvy Women

13 Sep

Laura Poorman & Milane Cremeans are head designers for a plus size line called “Curvy Girl” which is only available online. They said that they are taking the idea of runway and clothing stores like Forever 21 and just translating it to plus sizes. Curvy Girl is moderately priced so it’s definitely affordable. The site in temporarily down so click HERE to view their clothes. The will be opening their own boutique in Portland Oregon.

Some Curvy Girl Pieces:

What do you think of Curvy Girl??? Is it worth purchasing????


Pink The New Revolution

13 Sep

Nude The New Black???

21 Aug

Could the nude be the NEW black??? What do you think???