Archive | October, 2008


8 Oct

I know I have been gone for a while…. I’ve been working and putting my own site together. I’m at the point of my career that I’m ready to start the process of my own plus size company. I can’t reveal the name yet but once I go through the legal process; I will let the world know.

I love THE TRENDSETTER it’s my baby and it will always be my baby but it time to move on to bigger and better things. I would like to thank my hubby for introducing me to blogging. I want to thank all the viewers that left the funny comments and kept coming back.  You are all welcome to MY new site, that feels so good to finally call something mine own. No further adieu my NEW site is CURVESTOADORE.COM. It will have similarities to the TRENDSETTER but a hint of more attitude. I’m going still do trends for everyone and my main focus will be plus size.

Once again thanks for everything and I hope to see you soon.

~ Truly Curvaceous