Marc Jacobs Spring Collection 2009

9 Sep

(Pic Source)

9/8 – I read an article from Nicole Phelps and she describe the collection as Mary Poppins meets Dubai. Marc is an individual he may have a trend here and there but he designs want he feels. Fashion is about designing what you feel in your heart and soul. Marc never strays from what’s in his heart. 

The popular hues were emerald green, navy blue, coral, yellow, tints and tones of black. He’s fabric choice was leather, silk, metallic tweed, knit, and cotton. I loved his print choices of plaid, stripe and floral. 

I enjoyed Marc’s Spring collection. He is always refreshing and takes fashion to a whole new level. I also loved he’s accessories… I really want those shoes. 

I rate this show: 9/10


One Response to “Marc Jacobs Spring Collection 2009”

  1. whenyourebored September 12, 2008 at 4:30 am #

    i would buy almost every single one of these looks. marc is legendary for sure.

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