Fashion @ The 2008 Bet Awards

25 Jun



One Response to “Fashion @ The 2008 Bet Awards”

  1. nycgirl June 25, 2008 at 4:38 am #

    1.Lil Mama = 0
    2.Jordin Sparks her legs are nice but the bunchy thing in the front just emphasis her thighs or stomach area is big
    3.Jennifer Hudson can you even breath in that thing, but looks nice
    4. Cassie, All the money puffy has this is the best she can do? A blouse dress?
    5. Gabby, Goddess dress don’t like the shoes.
    6. Keyisha Cole It’s not baddish
    7. Alicia Keys, what is that pose? She has some legs on her and I thought the hip area of the dress should have been slender to match the top. The shoes looks like she stuff her foot in there. That’s a hideous dress
    8. She looks great but the skirt part should have been longer at least below her knees to look more chic or a bigger size dress. The fat of arms is poking out.

    9. Lauren London, I don’t know who she is but that long dark hair is too vampirish but she looks great.

    10. Kyla Pratt, great dress, great shoes. Cute!

    11. Lil Kim, Work the runway sweetie!! Reminds me of kat de luna

    12. NIa Long, beautiful woman. Goddess dress, but what the hell happen to the shoes. Looks like she got that out of her closet.

    13. TBoz and Chilly, genie pants? Tboz no on the dress and shoes.

    14. Solange Knowles, somebody must really hate her. The color of the dress, the mess of hair. She must be melting just standing there under the lights and sun.

    15. Rihanna, I like the top but the bottom is too much of layers of layers.

    Tocorra, exquisite

    Nia Long=beautiful

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