STYLE WATCH: Formal Shorts

13 May

(Pic Source)

I really love this style because it pushes the envelope on the red carpet. And that’s what fashion is about pushes it to NEW levels. If your a curvy chick don’t be afraid to wear this style, I would suggest to wear the shorts a little longer. 

Below are some ideas for formal shorts…….


L.A.M.B High waisted shorts $145

Helmet Lang Buckle Shorts $230

Thayer Lene High Waisted Dress Shorts $176

Jill Stuart Rochelle Short $298

Reyes Black Herringbone Cuffed Shorts $135.99

Forever21 Gingham Shorts $19.99

Forever 21 Double Button Short $15.80



Torrid Black Twill Striped Bermuda Shorts $44

Black Tropical Lace Short $38

Black Sateen Shorts $34

Old Navy Sateen Bermudas Shorts $24.50

Old Navy Low Rise Roll Cuff Shorts $16.99



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