“If I Were King”

10 Apr


As you all probably know by now I’m a sucka for reality t.v, so I had to watch Puffy’s, “If I Were King”. It aired on MTV on April 9th at 10p.m. I respect Puffy as owner and president of Bad Boy, he definitely knows he’s music. But when it came to fashion I assumed that he was like  all the other Celebes, just a name and a face. To come to find out I was totally wrong during the hour and half show Puffy had his hands in every aspect of his Fall 2009 collection in celebration of his 10 year anniversary. 

Mr. Combs decided to make his come back to Fashion Week which he was M.I.A for 5 years. After winning his CFDA for Best Male Designer in 2003. He decided to take a break and reevaluate his designs. During “If I Were King” he stated that he’s inspiration was a prince becoming a king. He used high quality fabrics such as leather and suede from Hong Kong; and cashmere from Milan.  He was there for the sketching, fabric selection, fitting, and picking out models. At one point he had measuring tape around his neck and he was fitting a model himself. 

What really took me to a whole another level was that Puffy fought to have an all black models for his show. He wanted to show men of color like never shown before. I have to tip my hat off to Puffy for breaking barriers that a lot of designers are afraid to. He has grained so much respect from me when it comes to fashion he really knows his S*^!

Do you consider Puffy a real fashion designer???


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