Curvy Swim Wear

4 Apr


Everyone loves shopping for swim wear (yeah right). But it’s something you go to do if you plan on looking sexy for the Summer. Just because your curvy don’t mean you can’t show some skin. The hardest think about buying swim wear is finding what fits your shape and color.

Below are some ideas.

 Hour Glass Figure: Bust & hips are basically the same circumference with a smaller waist.


Torrid Polka Dot Swim Suit $78

 Old Navy Metallic Swim Suit $49.50

 Pear Shape Figure: Wider hips than shoulders carry extra weight below waistline.


 LB Daisy Print Maillot Swim Wear $99.50

Torrid Black Gold Stud Halter $78 

 Inverted Triangle: The heaviest part is the top (top heavy) with a smaller bottom. 


Old Navy Halter Swim Suit $49.50 

LB Oceanus Miraclesuit $132

 Apple Figure: Most of the weight is at the mid-section. 


LB Mircalesuit Sonatina Tank $138 

Torrid Black & White Stripe Halter$44 



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  1. moha January 16, 2009 at 1:06 pm #

    please send for mi the any niutiful photto

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