STYLE WATCH *** Printed Tee’s

21 Mar

face-printed-t-shirts.jpg(Pic Source)

 I am definitely a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. So, this style watch above is my kind of style. Ofcourse, this style can be worn by any shape or size women. In my opinion a great t-shirt is a classic piece!!! You can never have too many. Depending of the fabric and the cut you can dress it up or down. Chole Sevigny is a great example of dressing up a simple t-shirt (Lanvin).


Banded Bottom Face Tee $16.50 

Konichwa Tee $28 

Diva Graphic Top $14.80 

80’s Girl Face Tee $17.50  

I Heart Marilyn Tee $13.50 

 Tee’s 4 Curvy Chicks  


Pale Pink Smufette Tee $26 

Hello Kitty Lavender Tee $26 

Sesame Street Tee $26 

Junk Food Blondie Tee $28 

Vintage Black Rolling Stone Tee $28 

 Do you think this style is a classic???


One Response to “STYLE WATCH *** Printed Tee’s”

  1. Fashion Sensei March 21, 2008 at 6:36 pm #

    Oh boy, as if we need more Paris.

    I really like the Konichwa Tee, I have that on my site too. 😀

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