Oscars 2008 Fashion

25 Feb
The 80th Annual Oscar’s took place in Los Angeles on February 24, 2008. “Ravishing Red” was a big hit with all the Celebes on the carpet.  
I’m going to start with the best dressed. Jennifer Hudson finally got it right!!! She looks flawless from head to toe.  Katherine Heigl looked absolutely beautiful. I loved the asymmetrical dress with details on the shoulder. Helen Mirren dress was simply spectacular with the studded sleeves and the awesome details at the hem. Anne Hathaway dress was fabulous with the rosette details;this is one of my favorite dresses.  Carmen Diaz dress was simple and to the point. I loved the face that she didn’t over shadow her dress with too many accessories. Rudy Dee (83) looked beautiful and her makeup was flawless.
I really didn’t like the fish scale looking dress on Marion Cotillard. Renee Zellwegger hair look like she was caught in a wind storm. Jeniffer Garner hair, makeup and accessories looked great; but the hem of her dress had too much details. I also didn’t like Nicole Kidman’s dress.


2 Responses to “Oscars 2008 Fashion”

  1. nycgirl February 29, 2008 at 11:46 am #

    Jennifer looked hideous with her stupid boobs in that dress like that, also she can stop wearing clothes that brings emphasis to her fat arms, her hair do was ridicoulous

    The french woman dress was interesting. A fish out of water that won. It reminds me of one Jean Paul Gaultier’s creation for Madonna.

    The third girl, boring but safe.

    The deaf womans dress is ok but boring to, Mrs.Spacek looks chic but not to this event.

    Rene Z, that dress was hot, hot, hot, she never goes wrong with that designer. Carolina Herra.

    Odell, that dress was interesting but not hot. Cameron Diaz dress, it’s allright but she could have done better.

    Mcbeal, ehhh, and what’s up with the hair?

    The yello dress and hair is ehh, John Travolatas wife is cute but could have done better. Heigl looks like a garish clown with that orange-red dress and red lipstick.

    Miley dress was cute and oldish for her age. Hedie Klum was hot, Mrs. Davis dress is hot and she looked so refined.

    The Queens dress looks hot. That girl in the middle, what is that?!?!? The Green dress was tryng to hard. I don’t like red hair with green dress. It looks like a christmas tree.

    Jessica Alba, eeeh, The blue dress, eeh, baby Queen Elizabeth, the shoes doesn’t match the dress or the necklace.

    Jennifer Gardner, eehh, Lisa, eehhh, the last black dress was hot but I don’t think to this event.

    Million Dollar Baby dress was nice, Nicole what were you thinking? Laura Linney, safe but boring.

  2. Julia March 18, 2008 at 4:48 am #

    Cameron looked sweet in the pink. She could have glammed it up with more accessories though.

    Jessica Alba suits the purple.

    The rest are kind of meh. Heidi and Katherine look tacky as hell in the red. Red looks best on brunettes.

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