STYLE WATCH *** Wrap Me Please

23 Feb


(Pics Source

I spy with my fashion eye a classic trend and the perfect detail to any garment…. the bow.  I know I usually say I love the trend. But I honestly loves bows. When I was in school I used them in mostly all my garments. A bow adds such a feminine detail to any garment. Whether a dress or a simple pair of jeans. This detail works for any shape or size women. Don’t be afraid to buy garments with bows…. it’s up to you on how big you want to go! 



Nili Lotan Tuxedo Dress $425 

Madison Marcus Bow Neck Dress $280 

Generra Empire Bow Dress $262.50

Milly Moire Bow Cocktail Coat $279 



Chiffion Bow Print Tunic $17.96 

Black Suprlic W/ Red Lace $24.98 

Grey & White Stripe Sweater Kimono Dress $59.98 


One Response to “STYLE WATCH *** Wrap Me Please”

  1. Julia March 18, 2008 at 4:55 am #

    Petite people should avoid large bows! Keep it simple

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