Fashion Week Fall 2008 (Big Finale)

11 Feb

Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren always hits you with big bright colors. No matter what the popular trend of that season, Lauren takes everything up a couple of notches. The way he used his plaid print was superb (see dress above).  The leopard print was used for simple silhouettes but looked awesome. The popular hues were purple, black, orange, green, and red. His fabric choices were velvet, twill, and cotton. 

I love the fact that Ralph knows how to dress a woman. He adds sophistication and confidence for all women. This is one man that knows a women body from head to toe. Lauren is one of the best when it comes to fashion.



I rate this show: 10/10 

Marc Jacobs


Marc’s Fall collection was the total opposite of his Spring collection. The collection was totally toned down in every aspect. The color palette was pastel blue, cream, grey, purple, and gold. Many pieces looked like they had shoulder pads…. not really into shoulder pads. Jacobs’ collection was very simple and straight forward.

He said, “I really wasn’t very inspired this season. I just live my life.” He also said the collection was, “Calm. Glamour. Casual. Beautiful women.” .”In my opinion this collection had a reminisce of Mary Poppings, Star Wars and the 80’s mixed all together. One thing that Marc Jacobs has a niche for is accessories, I absolutely loved the bags and the shoe boots. I really don’t know about the Grandma sandals.  



I rate this show: 7/10 


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