Fashion Week Fall 2008

8 Feb

Fashion Week is the one of the biggest events in the fashion world. This whole week is filled with all the designers most anticipated collection. This event takes place in the heart of NYC; these designers will be showing off their previews of Fall 2008. Fashion Week begins on Feb. 3 and will end on Feb. 7.  

Isaac Mizrahi 


The major colors in his palette were grey, purple, red, pink, and gold. Isaac’s collection had a reminiscence of 60’s fashion with skinny pants and short sweaters. The collection seemed to be a preview of what to expect for Liz Claiborne. I really love the flats that the models wore and the silk waistband that went throughout the collection. In my opinion Isaac’s Fall collection was strong, feminine, and right to the point. He did an excellent job!!!


I rate this show : 8/10

 Michael Kors


Kors’ collection reminded me of a new and improved 60’s fashionista. I love the nerdy glasses, the fur wraps, and the great details in all the garments. The color palette was purple, gold, grey, and neutral hues; with a hint of green. I love the subtleness of floral print that went throughout the collection. In my opinion this was an extremely strong collection for Michael.

mk-runway-1.jpgmk-runway-2.jpgmk-runway-3.jpgmk-runway-6.jpg mk-runway-7.jpgmk-runway-8.jpgmk-runway-9.jpgmk-runway-11.jpgmk-runway-12.jpgmk-runway-13.jpgmk-runway-14.jpgmk-runway-15.jpg

 I rate this show: 9.5/10 

Diane Von Furstenberg 


Diane’s collection seemed to have inspiration from the 40’s, with pencil skirts, tiny belts, hats and gloves. The popular hues were grey, gold, black, pink, and purple. One thing that Diane is excellent at is conveying such femininity in her clothes. I absolutely loved all her choices of prints. Her details are simple but the fabric chosen makes the garments intricate. I also loved her huge bags and romantic shirts. 


I rate this show: 8/10 

Donna Karan New York 


Donna Karan’s theme was “Electric Glamour”. Ms. Karan used radiant colors such as red, purple, orange and gold. She also used plaid and a bohemian print that went throughout the collection. The collection had a 60’s silhouette “baby doll” dress. The collection reminded me of pieces I would see on the new hit show “Gossip Girl“. Her accessories completed her statement with gloves, platform shoes, colorful tights, and huge bags. In my opinion this collection fit Karan’s customer perfectly.  


I rate this show: 7.5/10 

Catherine Malandrino


Catherine’s Fall collection inspiration was the art of Claude and Francois – Xavier Lalanne. The Lalannes often draw heavy flora and fauna which Malandrino conveyed in her collection. Honestly the beginning of her collection was a little too much for me. I didn’t like the abundance of fabric used at the hem of the dress and the feather-like fabric used for her jackets. But as the collection went on her piece grew stronger. I absolutely adore the silk dresses with the dramatic draping details. I can see a lot of Celebes going crazy for those dresses. 

The popular hues in this collection were Black, grey tints and tones of Green. Her collection was very muted. There were also several variations for a funky print.  Overall Catherine’s collection was very strong.



I rate the show: 8/10  

 Monique Lhuillier


Monique’s collection had a very simple color palette. She used gold, grey, black and hints of red and navy. But that was all that was simple. She used embellishment, embroidery, exaggerated ruffles, with an explosion of fur. Lhuillier had some really great pieces for the red carpet; this balanced the collection out.  I really enjoyed the way she draped the organza to create masterpieces. There were a lot of pieces that were over the top for my taste. But I can respect her vision.


I rate this show: 7/10 

 Narciso Rodriguez


Narciso main focus was adding sex appeal to tailored garments. He said,”Fashion is moving in so many different directions now. I want clean, pure, sexy, and solid again.” His color palette consisted of basic black, white, and grey with hints of orange, rust, and blue. Rodriguez collection was definitely simple and feminine details. I enjoyed that element of his collection and the fact that he collection didn’t look like anyone elses. The simplicity of his color choose made it  easy to see all the great details in the garments. 


I rate this show: 7/10 



Oscar De La Renta never disappoints and this collection was extremely strong. This collection was definitely designed for a wealthy women. I love the fact that the pieces can be for any age women. There was an amazing checkered print that he used in a dress and a jacket.(See jacket above) The popular hues were gold, grey, purple, brown, red and hints of green. 

This man know exactly how to make a women feel beautiful and have all eyes on her when she comes into the room.  He also knows how to dress a woman from head to toe. De La Renta has excellent taste in fabric and details. There were so many pieces I would love to have in my closet.



I rate this show: 8.5/10 

One of the first things I learned is that fashion is recyclable. There are a lot of trends from ’07 that will be making an appearance in ’08. Purple is still a big color. Grey and gold are definitely pushing their way through. Floral and funky prints will be huge for the Fall. High waisted and wide leg pants will still be big. Tiny belts will be back.  A trend that will NEVER die is fur and it went through mostly all the collections. So if you down with PETA look into something fake….but it will be all over the place. 

What collection stood out to you??? What trends are you looking forward to??? 

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2 Responses to “Fashion Week Fall 2008”

  1. nycgirl February 10, 2008 at 7:41 pm #

    Bill Blass, yes, no, all-right. Overall this look is 9

    Isacc Mizrahi, no, yes, ok Overall his collection is 5.

    Michael Kors, Fabu, Fly, Fucking Fabulous!! This man is fashion. I rate this a 100

    Diane Von Frurstenberg, sweet office attire, the gloves threw me off, the dress is sweet. Overall all an 8

    Donna Karan, Oh hell no. I give this a 2

    Catherine Malandrino, what the hell, all-right, and what the hell?!?! I give it 5 borderline 4

    Monique Lhuillier, nice, hell no, and what the hell upside cotton candy in black. Overall a 6

    Narciso Rodriguez, Was he on something? The first is hideous, the second is like a sack of grey potato and the last one I don’t know. Overall 2

    Oscar De La Renta, very, very elegant high posh. This is 100.

  2. nycgirl February 10, 2008 at 8:22 pm #

    Michael KOrs, I can’t get over him. Just talking to my friend and she was at the fashion show and said she has to get the whole collection. That look is, rich biatch and get the fuck out of her way. Timeless pieces.

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