Isaac Mizrahi’s Enlisted To Rescue Liz Clairborne

17 Jan


Isaac is leaving Target to become creative director at Liz  Claiborne. Target has made Isaac Mizrahi a household name.  At the end of this year he will become creative director for all categories of the better priced women’s for Liz. He will be staring in Spring 2009. 

“Isaac is an international icon,” McTague said. “He not only knows this woman, he adores her. His core values are so perfectly aligned with our core brand: fit, color, comfort, value, fun and a uniquely American brand.”

The critics are saying the Isaac wasn’t able to uphold his own company how can he vamp Liz Claiborne. In my opinion I loved his stuff at Target. I will certainly miss all his cute bags.

What do you think about Isaac leaving Target??? Do you think he can reinvent Liz Claiborne??? 



2 Responses to “Isaac Mizrahi’s Enlisted To Rescue Liz Clairborne”

  1. Vintage bunny January 18, 2008 at 1:34 am #

    I liked his stuff,I just bought a coat from Target by him
    He should be an asset wherever he goes

  2. nycgirl January 18, 2008 at 4:01 pm #

    Mr. Mizrahi’s is lovely, talented, fierce, over the top fashion icon. If he the place target on the map with his clothes why can’t he do that with Miz Clairborne. The fact that his own company didn’t do so well doesn’t mean he can do well elsewhere. Liz Clairborne is a bigger company with more backing that can help Mr. Mizrhai’s go further where his fabulous creative head couldn’t go before and after all these years I am sure he learn a thing a two about his himself and business where he might do something else and obviously bigger and better.

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