Spring 2008 Fashion Color Report

5 Jan


01-pantone-silver-peony.jpg     06-pantone-green-sheen.jpg

02-pantone-tarragon.jpg     07-pantone-grapemist.jpg

03-pantone-opal-gray.jpg     08-pantone-cafe-creme.jpg

 04-pantone-golden-apricot.jpg      09-pantone-strawberry-ice.jpg

05-pantone-hollyhock.jpg      10-pantone-sky-blue.jpg

 It certainly doesn’t feel like Spring in NYC. Before we know it Spring will be knocking at our door and we will be scrambling to find that next hot item. Expect to see neutrals, splashes of purples, corals, and yellows. If you remember the Spring ’08 Runway shows these colors played a major part in the shows. If you forget below are some examples. 




 What colors stand out the most??? What color will you be wearing for the Spring???



One Response to “Spring 2008 Fashion Color Report”

  1. Vintage bunny January 8, 2008 at 2:59 pm #

    Definitely the oranges,salmon shades etc

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