Sequined, Sequined, And A little More Sequined

23 Dec


You can call it sequined, glitter, sparkles, whatever….. it’s definitely a must have item for the upcoming year.  As a plus size women I don’t see myself running out to buy a dress full of sequin, but I do see myself buying a top.  If I did decided to wear this type of dress I would probably wear it with a pair of jeans to tone down the sequence. Unless the sequin was only in certain areas of the dress like Ali Later and Jessica Simpson. 

With this look very little accessories are needed. All you need is a cute clutch which is optional and a nice pair of shoes.  The dress should say it all. I also like the way the dress looks with dark tights like Jessica Alba. Below are some other Celebes that know how to rock the sequined look. 




Alice + Olivia Sequined Collared Tee $297

Alice + Olivia Sequined Dress $385

Mint Jodi Arnold Sequined Floral Tank $396


Theory Sequined Bubble Skirt $235 

Corey Lynn Catler Sequined Strapless Dress $194 

 Juicy Couture Sequined Jersey Tunic $198

Juicy Couture Sequined Jersey Tank Dress $298 



Sutton Studio Sequin Cardigan $289 

Sutton Studio Sequin Jacket $259 

 Anne Klein Sequin Tank $325


Torrid Silver Sequin Halter Top $24.99 

Torrid Black Sequin Dress $68 

Rocawear Gold Prestige Tank $52 



One Response to “Sequined, Sequined, And A little More Sequined”

  1. nycgirl December 23, 2007 at 2:55 pm #

    That Ali Landry is Hooooooooooooottttt. Good lord jesus!!!

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