5 Dec


In my opinion this is a possible trend but lately draping has played a major part in dress details. A trend is an article of clothes or an accessory that has a fashion life spam of over a year or over. Draping is 1. a process that is used to make clothing which entitles using a dress form or a person and draping the fabric over the body to create clothes: 2. Draping is the way the fabric falls on the body which creates a flowy affect and may give the illusion of pleats. Just a little fashion terminology.    

The draped dresses can  be worn by any shape or size women. For the smaller women it gives the greek goodness effect and hides any imperfections. For the plus size women the draping hugs the body in the right place, it hides imperfections, and still allows a curvy women to show off her curves. Above are some celebs shows us how its done. Below are some draped dresses for all size women.     

Will you be wearing the draped dress???  


KZ JerZey Drape Cowl Neck Dress $130.90 

Rachel Pally Dress $242 

Young Fabulous & Broke $176 

Helmut Lang Draped Dress $290 



Torrid Purple Surplice Goddess Gown  $68

Pleated & Lace Dress $36 

Torrid Black Hater Top Dress $68 




  1. Vintage bunny December 6, 2007 at 8:18 pm #

    I think I will as it hides the tummy

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