Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Collection

9 Sep

Chanel Iman RL. 08

Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Collection

Ralph Lauren collection took place on September 8,2007 under the Bryant Park tent. Ralph was celebrating his 40th Anniversary in the fashion industry. Lauren said, “I drew upon everything I ever loved, and that was it.”.

There were 2 major themes equestrian and western elegance. It felt like Charlie Chapman meets My Fair Lady. There were beautiful big church hats, top hats, adorable bags, big ruffled sleeves, pleats, and classy black silk gloves.

The collection began with black & white it was used in every way possible. Stripes, prints, floral, and polka dots. Toward the end of the collection there was a huge blast of color royal blue, green purple, and yellow. The popular fabrics were silk, cotton, chiffon, and organza.

In my opinion, Ralph Lauren is definitely at the top of his game! All I can say is WOW, WOW WOW!!! I love this collection from beginning to end I have nothing negative to say about it. This is so inspiring for me. The collection flowed beautifully and when you thought it couldn’t get better BOOM he hits you with color. And when the color slowly goes away he comes back with beautifully draped a silver and white dress that was breathe taking. I applaud Mr. Ralph Lauren on the best runway show thus far.

What do you think of Ralph Lauren Spring collection???



One Response to “Ralph Lauren Spring 2008 Collection”

  1. eva October 21, 2007 at 2:14 pm #

    I honestly believe that this show was one of the most fabulous I have seen in some time. I loved the tophats and flouncy skirts.

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