10 Commandments on Dressing For Your Body

20 Jul


1. FIND WHAT FITS YOUR BODY TYPE: Knowing exactly what fits your body is the first step. Once you know what you can and can’t wear is half the battle is won.

2. FIND WHAT COLORS LOOKS GOOD ON YOU: Whatever your skin tone maybe you need to find what hues emphasize you skin. With my skin tone oranges, reds, and brown look really good on me. So, when I go shopping I always keep that in mind.

3. FIND WHAT DESIGNERS FIT YOU THE BEST: Each designer fits your body type differently so once you find on that fits you the BEST stick to it. Lane Bryant and Old Navy fit me wonderfully so I usually go there first when I’m shopping.

4. ALWAYS GO FOR WHAT YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE IN: It’s important to feel good in what your wearing. When you feel good it’s written all over your face and is in your body language. Usually when your uncomfortable you want a cover-up or always pull at it. When I go shopping I never buy anything to short or tight. My rule is to always feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

5. FIND WHAT SILHOUETTES FIT YOUR SHAPE: Empire waist tops and dresses don’t fit everyone on some women they may appear pregnant. A-line dresses or skirts may take away from your shape. I’m short so I try not to wear pencil skirts or long garments because they makes appear shorter.

6. ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES, AND MORE ACCESSORIES: Accessories add so much attitude to your wardrobe. Whether it’s earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bags, or shoes. It’s just another way so add your style to your outfit. I love my long pearls they go with jeans and a cardigan or a dress. I can wear them with almost anything.

7. FIND THE PERFECT FABRICATION: There is a big difference between rayon and silk. When buying lower end clothes one of the disadvantages is the fabric quality. Some fabric just doesn’t feel good on your body. Finding what feels good on your skin is a must. I had a sweater from Target that made my skin crawl when I wore it and I bet you can guess where that sweater is now.

8. NOT ALL TRENDS ARE FOR YOU: Just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy it. Not everything thing will look good with your body type. Find out what will look good on you and go for it. The footless tights aren’t a trend that I will ever get into. I don’t like short skirts and I wouldn’t wear it with a dress either. It’s just not for me.

9. V-NECK LOOKS GOOD ON ALL WOMEN: If you don’t have anything that is v-neck go out in purchase something whether it be a t-shirt or a dress. V-neck looks good on all shapes and sizes of women. I actually love v-necks for the Summer I brought about 4 v-neck tops and I love my deep v-neck dress it’s sooo sexy.

10. CONFIDENCE: A great outfit won’t look good unless you feel good wearing it!!! Just think about an outfit you love and how you feel everything you walk out the door wearing it. That’s how your suppose to feel all the time.

Truly Curvaceous


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