Curvy Chick Must Have

7 Jul
        Angelina Jolie

There has always been a “Tall Tale” that plus size women shouldn’t wear a lot of white because it makes them appear “bigger”. That statement is totally untrue, if you a curvy women white is definitely for you, but it has to be done the correct way. Angelina Jolie’s outfit is a must have for curvy chicks, the tailed pants which make your appear “slimmer” and with the right top to accentuate your shape.

Belted eyelet boyfriend shirt
Belted eyelet boyfriend shirt

*** Eyelet is definitely in for the Summer, it’s a little weight cotton that keeps you cool during the warm weather. The ribbon with make your waist appear slimmer.

LCW Twill Audra Bootcut Pants
LCW Twill Audra Bootcut Pants

*** A contoured Audra fit flatters your form, while providing a sophisticated, warm weather pant. Its slimming cut flaunts your figure as it leads to flared, boot cut cuff. Cotton is always comfortable and breathable.

  • Accessories To Compliment The Outfit

    Via Spiga “Arma” Flat
    Via Spiga “Arma” Flat

    Three strand necklace
    Three strand necklace

    Truly Curvaceous

  • One Response to “Curvy Chick Must Have”

    1. frasypoo July 9, 2007 at 1:25 pm #

      Clothes are cute and the silver flats are really cute.I hate white shoes though…they make my feet look huge!

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