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Bright Colors Are In!

31 Mar

111705_rampage_01c.jpgPVC Bag, Rampage $59013007_stevemadden_c.jpgPatent Vinyl Clutch, Steve Madden $59
031407_graziano_c.jpg Bangles Enamel & Crystal, KJ Graziano $75-95 each.
031407_noir_c.jpg Gold Plated necklace with cubic zirconia, Noir $75.

Bright colors are definately in for Spring and Summer. If you are the type of woman that is scared of bright colors, you can introduce them into your wardrobe gradually by adding a bright colored hobo bag for the daytime and a clutch bag for the evening. And if that seems like a big step, you can add some color in your jewerly, with canary hoops and a braclet.

If you are a bold girl, add some color by wearing those emerald shoes with the handbag to match. Adding bold colors can be as simple as adding a bright belt to your sweater and a necklace to match. Another way to add color is wearing a bold colored jacket. The whole wardrobe doesn’t have to be packed with color, it can only be one piece. Color is made to brighten us up and help bring sunshine to our look. Adding bold colors adds a new appearance to you! So don’t be afraid, color is our friend.

031507_jcrew_c.jpg J.Crew cotton jacket $140.
073006_anneklein_01c.jpg Anne Klein New York, leather pumps $175
110706_fredflare_c.jpg Red Hot Vinyl and Elastic Belt, Fred Flare $12

Truly Curvaceous


Casual Footwear for ALL types

30 Mar

As the seasons change and we find ourselves scrambling for lighter footwear. I have come across some new styles from one of my favorite ‘not-so-expensive’ shoe companies. Vans has some nice styles that are not in your local shoe store. As a fellow Trendsetter, I usually find myself surfing for those limited-edition or custom shoes, sometimes even the sales section will introduce you to some styles that you just haven’t seen before.
85bjpg.jpg Vans $40- $50

Take these black leather limited-edition vans for instance, they have a rather clean, neutral look to them, allowing you to wear them with almost any casual outfit. Whether its jeans and a t-shirt or a pair of bermuda shorts and a cute top. These leather vans add a splash of sophistication that only a follow fashionista or trendsetter would acknowledge.
p318902b.jpg Urbanoutfitters $58.00 on459415-16qlv01.jpg Oldnavy $14.50 or 2 or more for $12.00
p295073b.jpg on sale $24.99 l_bs117331222_70d93.jpg Levis
p310116b.jpg $38.00 p349864b.jpg $58.00
What I love about Vans is that they are a shoe that you can just throw on. You can also wear them without socks on those warm summer days. And because they are super comfortable they can be an added plus to your toosties on those days where you are just strolling around with friends.


30 Mar

Beyonce “Freakum Dress”

Beyonce has done it this time! This video is perfect! All the dress changes excites me as a designer. Each dress has it’s own personality gold, red, orange, mint green, green, midnight, and pink. Backless, long split at the side, tube top, key hole in the middle, and definately short. It doesn’t hurt that she has a little runway in the middle of the video. Her accessories are flawless gold hoops, gold choker, and gold pumps to match.

Enjoy Ms.Beyonce doing what she does best!

Truly Curvaceous

What Is Petite? Is It Avaiable in Plus Size?

30 Mar

549639_hi.jpg $59.99

These questions are frequently asked by women.

Q: What is petite?
A: Petite is a clothing size used for smaller, slender women.

Q: Is petite sizes avaliable in plus size clothing?
A: Ofcourse, if you are a shorter women that is plus size there are clothes avaliable for you. For example: When buying your jeans if you get average and your a shorter women. You always have to cuff or hem your jeans. If you get petite jeans you will cut that process out. Your jeans will fit better.

Q: Does the petite size affect the fit?
A: Yes, it does affect the fit but only when it comes to the length. The fit in the waist will remain the same. There are also petite tops not just bottoms.

Q: Where can I get petite clothing?
A: If you are a plus size women Lane Bryant has petite size but I haven’t found them on the interent. So, you most likely have go to the store. Petite size are available online for smaller women. Yeah, I know that’s not fair! But eventually they will probably change that.

Good luck shopping 🙂

Truly Curvaceous

Plus Size Websites

29 Mar


Being a plus size woman is hard but it’s harder finding fashionable clothes. Trend Setter is were you will always find sylish clothes, at reasonable prices for a curvy gal. These are a couple of websites that supply that demand:

Curvy Gal Websites:
Torrid is for a stylish younger woman.
Lane Bryant is for a sylish career woman that knows what she wants and how she wants it.
Kiyonna is for a sophisticated woman with style.
B&Lu is for a sheek, stylish woman.
The Avenue is for an older sophisticated woman.
Ashley Stewart is for an fashionable woman.

Here are the main sites where a curvy gal could be stylish. Good luck shopping.

Truly Curvaceous


29 Mar

Hello World, I’m Truly Curvaceous, 26 years old from Da’ Bronx. I recently recieved my AOS in Fashion Design. I currently write for StudioCouture. Fashion is my world; I live, eat and breathe it! This blog will include all the new trends in fashion. Here is will you can come to find out what to wear or what not to wear. What colors are in for the upcoming seasons? Where you should wear that cute top? What shoes go with that dress? Is that the right necklace?

There will be special posts featuring Dope, which will include what’s new in Hip Hop. There will also be a segment where you can ask any question about fashion. Trendsetter will include features on what’s in for men’s fashion.

I hope to bring you everything that will help you look and feel better as a women.

Truly Curvaceous


29 Mar